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Guru Purnima 4 July 2023

In the cool retreat of their country home the Sahai household hosted the wonderful celebration of Guru Purnima where about a

hundred disciples, friends and family gathered to honour all our teachers, gurus and ancestors, who have passed down the tradition of tabla playing in the Benares Baj.

The puja was very moving with everyone presenting gifts, fruits, sweets and flowers accompanied by the gentle singing of a vocal maestro who was to perform in the concert later. Oxfordtabla felt the thinness of the veil between heaven and earth this being a space to welcome those from beyond who are dear to us and influenced by this gharana to walk among us and pay homage as well.

A lovely vegetarian meal followed which was all completely home cooked and the star of this was the halwa made in a gigantic pan by Sanju Sahai, the head of the Benares gharana - its preparation with the chopping of cashews, almonds and pistachios had began the evening before!

The day continued with brilliant performances outside with presentation performances by Jaymini Sahai, disciples and guest musicians and finished with an amazing solo tabla performance by Sanju Sahai.

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