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(Bhopal, India)

2018 Events

On 4 March 'Baithak - The Art House' hosted its inaugural event of a tigal-bandi performance and a khayal and tabla duet. In celebration of this and the other events that followed we have put together a collection of Baithak flyers - please scroll down to see them all

Hover cursor to pause autoplay in the slideshows below

4 march concert.png
Baithak 14-04-18.PNG
Baithak 15-07-18.jpg
Baithak 15-06-18 (2).jpg
Baithak 15 to 16-06-18.jpg
Baithak 30-06-18 & 01-07-18.jpg
Capture 9 mar concert.PNG
Baithak concert 14-10-18.jpg
Baithak 28-04-18.PNG
Baithak Flyer 25-11-18.jpg
Baithak Flyer 16-12-18.jpg
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