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(Bhopal, India)

2019 Events

Please scroll down to see our collection of flyers from 'Baithak - The Art House'

Hover cursor to pause autoplay in the slideshows below

Baithak Femme Fridays.jpg
Baithak 2019.jpg
Baithak 22-01-19.jpg
Baithak Flyer 17-02-19 (2).jpg
Baithak Flyer 17-02-19.jpg
Baithak Flyer 27-04-19.jpg
Baithak 28-07-19.jpg
Baithak 19-05-19.jpg
Baithak Flamenco Palmas.jpg
Baithak 29 to 31-03-19 #3.jpg
Baithak 09 to 14-06-19 #1.jpg
Baithak 09 to 14-06-19 #2.jpg
Baithak 27 to 28-07-19.jpg
Baithak 28 to 29-09-19.jpg
Baithak Flyer 25 to 27-01-19.jpg
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