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(Bhopal, India)

About Baithak

"Baithak - The Art House" in Bhopal (India) for Upcoming Artists around the world.

E-3/10A, Arera colony, Near Nalanda school

Phone : 9755 857 630, 9993 618 002

Email :

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"After years of thinking and 6 months of intensive work... finally the "Baithak" is ready !!


Baithak (meaning sitting together) is age old indian tradition of musician & dancers to sit together, create music & listen each other without prejudice....Art for the sake of art!!! 


Here is the studio for Flamenco & Indian classical musician / dancers (all other such deep arts too) in Bhopal/ India and all around the world. You are welcome to "Sit together and create music" :)


Welcoming you all with lot of love!"

Sanjeev Shri, founder and manager of Baithak - The Art House

21 January 2018


Baithak : The Art House


E-3/10A, Arera colony, Near Nalanda school


Phone : 9755 857 630, 9993 618 002

Email :



Bhopal is a city which has many artists in classical arts, music, dance, literature and other forms and also the city boasts about culturally rich local citizen who appreciate, listen and enjoy these artistic forms.


The city has already got some major beautiful performance halls such as Bharat Bhavan, Jan jati sangrahalaya/Tribal museum, Manav Sangrahalaya etc and performances of eminent artists regularly takes place.


However there is a big community of upcoming local artists/students engaged in learning and performing different classical/folk music style (Dhrupad, Khayal, Instruments, Bhajan, Carnatic), Classical dance styles such as kathak, Bharatnatyam, Odissi etc. Fine arts, Theatre, Story telling as well as Poetry in Bhopal and surrounding areas.

These artists are upcoming and need performance space on a regular basis. A space where they can take workshops from visiting/local eminent artists, interact/collaborate and listen to other musicians, meet and understand other forms of arts around the world (flamenco, jazz, blues, Western classical, Fado etc.) and also perform their art form regularly.

Having a place like this, will fuel the artistic local community and inspire such upcoming artists/students for their respective journey to become a successful and evolved artist.




The purpose of Baithak is to provide

  • Performance space to upcoming artists/musicians of Bhopal and surrounding areas in MP

  • Center to learn, promote, exchange and collaborate classical/folk music and dance forms

  • International exposure/collaboration, by inviting international artists periodically to conduct concerts

  • Enhance communication between Indian classical music & dance to other world classical art forms such as flamenco, jazz, blues, country, folk and other such styles.

  • Create an easy and informal artistic environment for artistic growth.

  • Encourage regular performance, "Baithak" and workshop by providing the well equipped space

  • Workshops and training by visiting eminent artists from other parts of India or abroad

The commercial/ film/Bollywood music in India already has a mass response – and unfortunately, the same is not available for classical art community.


As a reason Baithak is exclusively focussing on Promoting Indian/western classical format and such arts. These arts form requires social and cultural patronage to grow and prosper.


Facility offerings:


Baithak has following offerings:


  • Indoor performances hall/Dance studio: This intimate performance space can host around 75 listeners and is well equipped to host chamber concerts. It has well done acoustic ceilings, Sound system, natural light and air, AC and comfortable sitting. For dance, it has it has well designed wooden floor, Mirror and required sound system. This hall will be available for performing musicians/dancers every day throughout the week.


  • Rooftop performances hall: This rooftop performance space can host around 150 listeners and is well equipped to host larger concerts. It has well done sound proof curtains, Sound system, natural light and air and comfortable sitting. It also has flexible provision for lighting requirements as needed by performance/rehearsals.


  • Learning rooms: Currently there are 3 dedicated learning rooms & other spaces with required facilities and ambience, where students can focus and learn without any distraction.


  • Stay room: Visiting artists from Indian and abroad can stay comfortably in available rooms with attached lavatory/bath. 


Working plans:


Mainly there will be 2 mode available for usage


  • Paid mode: Under this nominal fees will be taken from artists for performance, training or any creative use (dance practice, riyaz, rehearsals, exhibitions etc) of the space... further Artist can charge the audience or do it without charge as per his/her ideas

  • Promotional mode: Baithak will be welcoming the artists to use the space for non commercial creative activities such as free lessons, workshops, lectures, baithaks, performances, exhibitions etc.



  • To provide an informal medium to upcoming local musicians, dancers, artist and learning community.

  • To give opportunities to perform, be on stage and learn while perform. This will give artists and students immense creative boost, lot of motivation and increased self esteem.


  • To fuel collaboration and more interaction between artists, Regular baithak of music, dance or any format of art will give the collaboration and create a healthy creative atmosphere, where artists collaborate, exchange and motivate each other. 

  • To ensure an exchange platform for local and international artist for creative exchange for different art forms.

  • To support the appreciating audience culture, whereby people listen and absorb art forms in a regularly happening performances or creative activities. It helps creating artistic, aesthetic and relaxed environment around where joy is integral aspect of life.

Rules & Regulations:


  • Baithak will operate 7 days a week from 8 am to 9 pm. The timing can be changed only in special circumstances

  • Strict monitoring and following of Paid/Free mode to ensure facility is not abused inappropriately

  • Eating/drinking tea etc is allowed in only permissible areas. It is not allowed to take food inside studio or during performance

  • Shoes are not allowed inside studio or learning rooms

  • Keep the premises clean by not spitting and using available dustbins

  • Keep the mobile phone switched off and do not make noises while performance, or learning activities

  • Baithak management will have all the rights and authority to run premises (in order to have a healthy and artistic environment)

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