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(Bhopal, India)

A Celebration

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A Celebration - One Year On  

Hearty congratulations from Oxford Tabla

The inaugural event of 'Baithak - The Art House' was on 4 March 2018 and now a year later Oxford Tabla very happily celebrate Baithak's first anniversary - very kool. Below we enthusiastically publish our friends' report on Baithak's first year as a venue - it's been a great year:-

"Baithak - the Art house has completed 1 year as a nurturing space for all deeper art forms. It has been a journey of hard work, commitment, passion and pure love of Art.
:--In last 1 year, It has hosted around 170 events across Music/Dance/Theater/Fine Art/Folk/Story telling/Poetry/Movie screening/Yoga/Social Themes. It has hosted around 1000+ artists from 10 countries including India --:
We had a very humble start and want to continue humble as much possible since Deeper Art can not prosper without it.
Deep respect & gratitude to Artists community in Bhopal, else where in India and Across the globe - who visited here & performed. We could not pay anything but they, lovingly performed - sheerly out of their passion, their commitment towards Art and Society. Big respect.
A huge respect to Audience who warmly come, participate and make the concrete building as Art House. We are very proud to say that all our Audience is our chief/VIP/Guest instead of any individual.
With wholeheartedly, a Big Thanks to Artists, Audience, Media and society around us who help us grow inch by inch by breathing Art every moment. Without you we don't exist.

With Love -
From Surekha Kamble, Rajendra Vishwaroop, Sanjeev Shri & entire Baithak Team!"

 To celebrate the first anniversary of 'Baithak - The Art House' we have gathered together memorabilia of Baithak's inaugural concert and the three subsequent concerts - please see below

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Concert on 9 March 2018

'At Baithak - The Art House (Bhopal - India), we are extremely thrilled and honoured to host this unique Chamber concert on 9th March (Friday evening).

Pt. Naresh Malhotra ji ( Vocal - Khayal) accompanied by Saleem Allahwale (Tabla)

Supriyo Maitro (Dhrupad vocal)/Aditya (Pakhawaj).


We invite you to listen and experience this classical concert in a acoustic, intimate and relaxed chamber concert setting.


Looking forward for a pure musical experience!
Baithak@Duende -series #2'

Sanjeev Shri

6 March

'Last week Baithak -The Art House had a privilege to host Pt Naresh Malhotra, the senior musician from Indore Gharana...

Honoured to listen his blissful rendering of Yaman Kalyan, in an intimate chamber concert.'

Sanjeev Shri

14 March

Concert on 17 March 2018

'Yesterday at Baithak, we had another beautiful evening with musical dialogue between Flute, Indian Bansuri, Saxophone, Slide Guitar & Tiny little Baithak studio, musically, we represented 10 different countries --- Italy, Germany, Bangladesh on stage and Canada, Tunisia, Turkey, UK, Ireland & France and India in audience !!!!


Music has only history - no geography.


Thanks to Igino, Virginia, Hannah, & Roman... Special thanks to Sean for sound and Sunita for comparing.... and Super special thanks to all of us for listening :)'

Sanjeev Shri

Concert on 31st March 2018

'Triple dialogue @ Baithak Yesterday.
At Baithak we were proud of hosting Classical dance Bharatnatyam, Kathak & Flamenco performance.
Thanks to Nritya Prarambha Dance ClassNup
ur MahourShivaji Yeole & team for Bharatnatyam, Preeti Tiwari, Ritu Sahu for Kathak, Surekha Kamble for Classical vocal, Alessandro Martin and Sanjeev Shri for Flamenco ...'


Sanjeev Shri

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