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Wayang Kulit: Ki Bagus Baghaskoro with the Oxford Gamelan Society - Monday, November 27 - 2023

Oxford Tabla were delighted to witness this amazing performance. We are always thrilled to hear gamelan from a long association which mingled the sounds of the Javanese gamelan and Indian tabla at the Pitt Rivers Museum -

The Oxford Gamelan Society is a big group of singers and performers and on this incredible occasion were joined by members from the South Bank group, Cambridge and the Oxford Youth Gamelan group. The OYG accompanied many of the battle scenes!

Mas Bagus is a wonderful Javanese musician and puppeteer currently doing shadow puppet performances with groups in London, Oxford, Cambridge and Glasgow in the space of 6 weeks. The photo below are villagers telling the Pandava brothers from the forest not to visit their village because there there lives a very evil and blood thirsty King. From the Maharbharata - please see below clips and a mini video of one of many fights!

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