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SWARANJALI at Peepul Centre in Leicester 24 March 2024

Oxford Tabla was very happy to be at this prestigious event. We had not seen Pandit Sajan Misra Ji for some years. The concert was in memory of his brother Pandit Rajan Misra Ji with whom he used to tour as a singing duo. It was a delight too to meet with Sajan's son Swaransh Misra and hear him sing on stage with his father whose voice he said has an awe inspiring and unmatchable purity. Together with the tabla maestro Pandit Sanju Sahai Ji they held our attention for the whole of the second half of the concert.

We were remembering Pandit Sharda Sahai Ji too on this occasion and disciples of his and disciples of the leader of the Benares gharana, Sanju Ji, were all performing. A really happy event with two disciples sharing close birthday dates which we celebrated with a huge cake afterwards.

All the performers were simply magnificent presenting wonderful kathak dance pieces by Jaymini Sahai Ji and her students; the amazing Puish Kumar on tabla performing with Sanju ji and Kaviraj Singh on the beautiful santoor and also providing lovely singing supported by the brilliant Rajvir Singh on tabla.

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