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A taste of our performance in the Ashmolean's One World Event on 28 March

"Tabla solo in Rupaktaal and Hindu chant"

Caroline Tapp has taught tabla in Oxford for many years. She is a disciple of the Benares tabla gharana – style of playing – which is now headed by her Guruji's son Pandit Sanju Sahai, who is the 6th generation from the founder Ram Sahai.

Neil Kensit, who accompanies Caroline on harmonium and also sings, has collaborated with Caroline for a number of musical events. Last year at the One World festival they presented various forms of Indian singing and tabla accompaniment, as

well as an introduction to solo tabla, and ended the session with a workshop in which people tried out tablas for themselves. This year they present a tabla solo in 7 beats and a chant accompanied by the kanjira - a south Indian drum.

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