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At St Barnabas for Maya Youssef's concert

on 2 April

Maya Concert Poster (3).jpg

We were delighted to see Maya perform live in St Barnabas last night, a prized Oxford venue. Thanks so much "Oxford Contemporary Music" for organising this gig and for keeping us in touch with world and mixed music right here in Oxford.


It was really great to find out that the four musicians who played with Maya last night so very skilfully and exuberantly were the same four who had recorded with her on her album “Finding Home." They were superb and the live material we enjoyed last night has prompted us to seek out and buy this new album – it’s going to be a real humdinger.

Concert photos by Caroline

Maya Concert 1# (2).jpg
Maya Concert 2# (2).jpg
Maya Concert 3#.jpg
Maya Concert 4#.jpg
Maya Concert 8#.jpg

Performers above from left to right:

Shirley Smart (cello)

Mikelle Montoli (double bass)

Elisabeth Nott (percussion)

Maya Youssef (qanun)

Al McSween (piano)

Please visit our "Discovering Maya" blog page (click on the following link):

Amit Chaudhuri - An AshokaX Weekend

Seminar on 19th, 20th and 26th March

amit photo.jpg

Expressions of the Modern: 

The Khayal, Improvisation, and the 

20th-century Indian song

To enrol on this course please click:


About the course

'Amit Chaudhuri will be speaking about the khayal as a form of modernist and non-representational expression. He will explore, among other things, how it gives us a way of thinking about music’s relationship to the world that is strikingly different from European music. Chaudhuri will also share his thoughts on the emergence of the popular song (and the film song) in Indian modernity, the multiplicity of source material it reworks, and its unique refashioning of “Indian” and “Western” idioms, including classical music and rock and roll. The talks will include listening to selections of music as well as annotated expositions by Chaudhuri.'

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