A Celebration

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A Celebration - One Year On  

Published by Baithak - The Art House on 8 March 2019:-


"Baithak - the Art house has completed 1 year as a nurturing space for all deeper art forms. It has been a journey of hard work, commitment, passion and pure love of Art.
:--In last 1 year, It has hosted around 170 events across Music/Dance/Theater/Fine Art/Folk/Story telling/Poetry/Movie screening/Yoga/Social Themes. It has hosted around 1000+ artists from 10 countries including India --:
We had a very humble start and want to continue humble as much possible since Deeper Art can not prosper without it.
Deep respect & gratitude to Artists community in Bhopal, else where in India and Across the globe - who visited here & performed. We could not pay anything but they, lovingly performed - sheerly out of their passion, their commitment towards Art and Society. Big respect.
A huge respect to Audience who warmly come, participate and make the concrete building as Art House. We are very proud to say that all our Audience is our chief/VIP/Guest instead of any individual.
With wholeheartedly, a Big Thanks to Artists, Audience, Media and society around us who help us grow inch by inch by breathing Art every moment. Without you we don't exist.

With Love -
From Surekha Kamble, Rajendra Vishwaroop, Sanjeev Shri & entire Baithak Team!"

Hearty congratulations from Oxford Tabla

In March 2018:-

The Doors of Baithak opened

to a Garland of Concerts    

Sanjeev Shri commented on 1 April:-

"Triple dialogue @ Baithak Yesterday.
At Baithak we were proud of hosting Classical dance Bharatnatyam, Kathak & Flamenco performance.
Thanks to Nritya Prarambha Dance ClassNupur MahourShivaji Yeole & team for Bharatnatyam, Preeti Tiwari, Ritu Sahu for Kathak, Surekha Kamble for Classical vocal, Alessandro Martin and Sanjeev Shri for Flamenco ..."

Sanjeev Shri wrote on 18 March:-


"Yesterday at Baithak, we had another beautiful evening with musical dialogue between Flute, Indian Bansuri, Saxophone, Slide Guitar & Tiny little Baithak studio, musically, we represented 10 different countries --- Italy, Germany, Bangladesh on stage and Canada, Tunisia, Turkey, UK, Ireland & France and India in audience !!!!


Music has only history - no geography.


Thanks to Igino, Virginia, Hannah, & Roman... Special thanks to Sean for sound and Sunita for comparing.... and Super special thanks to all of us for listening" :)

Sanjeev Shri wrote on 14 March:-


"Last week Baithak -The Art House had a privilege to host Pt Naresh Malhotra, the senior musician from Indore Gharana...

Honoured to listen his blissful rendering of Yaman Kalyan, in an intimate chamber concert"

Sanjeev Shri announced on 6 March:-


"At Baithak - The Art House (Bhopal - India), we are extremely thrilled and honoured to host this unique Chamber concert on 9th March (Friday evening).

Pt. Naresh Malhotra ji ( Vocal - Khayal) accompanied by Saleem Allahwale (Tabla)

Supriyo Maitro (Dhrupad vocal)/Aditya (Pakhawaj).


We invite you to listen and experience this classical concert in a acoustic, intimate and relaxed chamber concert setting.


Looking forward for a pure musical experience!
Baithak@Duende -series #2"